Dreams to Get PlayStation VR Update on July 22nd

PSVR update will literally add extra dimensions to Dreams

Dreams PS4 to get PlayStation VR update on 22nd July

Dreams, that wondrous piece of software that lets you make your own games, sculptures and art will be getting a PlayStation VR update. Media Molecule announced the update at yesterdays DreamCom ’20 event and posted about it on the PlayStation Blog.

The arrival of the Dreams VR update, called Inside The Box, will literally add extra dimensions to creating and playing content in Dreams.

The Dreams PSVR update is set to arrive on 22nd July in the form of a free update.

There will be some extra tutorials to help creators and players alike get accustomed to exploring the Dreamiverse in VR. There will be an All Aboard VR introduction to help you familiarise yourself with the Dreams VR controls. How To tutorials will be available in the DreamShaping menu including a Best Practices How To.

The Dreams VR update also sees the addition of new gadgets and there will be tutorials covering these as well.

Sculpting in Dreams VR will be “truly unique”

Abbie Hepper, Media Molecules Communications Manager explains on the PlayStation Blog post that sculpting in the Dreams VR update will be “truly unique”. Dreams VR will allow you to bring your dreams to life around you. And, sculpting in VR with the PlayStation Move controllers will be a very one-to-one experience. Which lets you fully immerse yourself in the creation process.

You won’t have to own a PSVR headset to actually create VR content though. Non-PSVR users of Dreams will still be able to create Virtual Reality games and other content. And you can still benefit from the Dreams VR update even if you don’t have a VR headset. As the update includes new gadgets to tinker with and new accessibility features.

The blog post explains that if you are creating VR games in Dreams, you will be able to specify if the game is playable in VR or not. Players will also be able to rate VR games base on comfort. So you can tell at a glance which games will offer the best, nausea-free experience.

The Dreams VR update will be available on 22nd July as a free update.

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