Elite Dangerous: Where to buy Commodities for Total Eclipse Community Goal

Mason Hub in Segoveduwa is the place to go

Elite Dangerous Total Eclipse Community Goal

I logged on to Elite Dangerous a few hours ago and realised they had a new, special community goal up to celebrate the Total Eclipse. As I really enjoy the trade Community Goals I immediately went in search of the best place to buy the required commodities.

The Total Eclipse Community Goal is in the Kpelidoog system at the Hipparchus Station. To participate and earn rewards you need to deliver Titanium, Semiconductors and Power Generators.

As I was already sitting at Joy Port when I logged in I looked nearby and found the Bese (I think that is what it was called) system and managed to buy 25 Power Generators but they did not have anything else.

Another quick look on the Galaxy Map and I found the Segoveduwa system which was only a couple of jumps away. In the Segoveduwa system, head to Mason Hub which is not too far from the main star.

In Mason Hub I found all the commodities for the Total Eclipse Community Goal.

  • Titanium – buy for 1,020 credits
  • Semiconductors – buy for 949 credits

The were not selling Power Generators but they where buying them, so I sold 20 of my 25 for 759 credits each so I could buy more Titanium and Semiconductors, which when sold at the Community Goal system should reap more profit.

Once I had filled my cargo hold with the required goodies, Kpelidoog was only 7 jumps away.

So there’s my quick Elite Dangerous tip for the special Total Eclipse Community Goal, head to Mason Hub in the Segoveduwa system to buy Titanium and Semiconductors.

For more places to buy the required commodities head over to the Elite Dangerous forums thread.