Everybody’s Golf PS4 Beta starts tomorrow

Everybody’s Golf PS4 online test starts 26th May. I will be logging in and teeing off to bring you some first impressions.

Everybody's Golf online test

I got home from work today and as usual I eagerly checked my emails to see what delightfully funny spam emails I had received, none, thankfully.

But I did get an email from PlayStation telling me that I had been selected to try out the Everybody’s Golf Closed Online Test.

I don’t actually remember signing up the closed online test, but that’s OK, it must be I am in PlayStation BETA program or something now, which is really good considering I have this blog now.

Anyway, if you’ve managed to blag your way into the Everybody’s Golf online test, then you will probably want to know a few things.

The online test starts tomorrow, 26th May at 7am BST (I’ll never be up at that time) and last until 8am BST on Monday the 28th May. There will be a period of server maintenance between 12pm and 2pm on the 26th.

I really like Golf games, I used to play some of the old Tiger Woods games for hours a day. I was never any good at actual golf, I used to hit the divots further than the ball and I always thought of golf as a long, tiring walk, humphing heavy clubs about with you. As I’ll be playing Everybody’s Golf while sitting on my couch, walking won’t be an issue, unless I need to go to the kitchen.

I will be logging in and teeing off tomorrow to see what this new Everybody’s Golf game is all about, keep an eye on the blog for some first impressions.