Fake Leaks About The New PlayStation Subscription Service Are Circulating

The supposedly leaked image is quite clearly completely fake

Fake leaks about PlayStation's new subscription service are circulating online

According to a recent Bloomberg article, PlayStation is set to reveal a brand new subscription service as early as next week. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the new subscription service will amalgamate PS Now and PS Plus into one service. The new service will reportedly also have varying tears offering things like access to classic PlayStation games, game streaming and the online play and free monthly games we get now with PlayStation Plus.

And the fake rumours begin

As with any big gaming-related announcement, there comes with it a lot of absolute bullshit rumours and supposed “leaks.” One I recently saw on Twitter purportedly shows the new PlayStation subscription service tiers list.

Purported Tiers list for the new PS Subscription Service “PlayStation Plus Neo”

The image above was tweeted by Twitter user Gaming Updates and Countdowns, with the words “”PlayStation Plus Neo” prices and tiers apparently leaked.” The image appears to be a screenshot from I would guess a PlayStation website. But it looks like it is a photo of someone looking at a website on their monitor. Or it is made to look this way.

Don’t Believe The Fake PlayStation Subscription Rumours

The image is quite clearly fake for several reasons.

For one the design doesn’t really conform to the playstation.com website design. PlayStation.com uses orange call to action buttons, not grey.

Secondly, the subscription tiers in the fake image show it as being “every 3 months.” yet the text at the top states that you can choose a one, three or 12-month plan. There is also no sign of a UI to change to either a one or 12-month plan.

Thirdly, the fake subscription tiers also mention “free game demons.” This would imply that there is such a thing as paid game demos. Developers already release FREE game demos and no one is going to pay for a demo of a game.

Fourthly, ad the most glaringly obvious reason that this is completely fake is the prices. Let’s take the fake silver tier for example. It states that $29.99 every 3 months gets you free game demos, online play and game streaming. But apparently, you don’t get the free monthly games. This would amount to $119.96 per year. This is pretty much what buying a separate PS Plus and PS Now subscription costs right now. But according to this fake nonsense, you actually get fewer features. I call bullshit.

The Gold Tier is even more obviously fake. This tier would cost $159.96 per year (4 x $39.99 payments). Costing you almost $40.00 more than the current PS Now and PS Plus subscriptions combined. All for the same features as we get now with PS Plus and PS Now.

The subscription prices shown in the fake image are clearly nonsense. So don’t believe them. It would literally be business suicide for Sony to hike their subscription prices up to what is shown in the fake picture.

We’ll Find Out The New Prices When Sony Tells Us

Undoubtedly, there will be a lot more fake bullshit floating around until Sony actually announces what the hell this new subscription service is. The new service, codenames Spartacus, is meant to be PlayStation’s answer to Xbox Game Pass. So it is conceivable that pricing will be somewhat in line with what Microsoft charge.

Of course, there will probably be different tiers that you can subscribe to. That just makes sense. For example, a lot of gamers aren’t particularly fussed with online play. So a tier without online play but all the other benefits would be great.

personally, I think that the top tier should include what we get with PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now at the moment. Throw in a load of classic PS One and PS2 games into PS Now and some PS5 games for about £10 per month and you’ve got yourself a deal.

Apparently, the new subscription service won’t include PlayStation Exclusives on day one, however. But that still leaves room for Sony to include third-party games on day one.