Falling Out Is A Fun, Lighthearted 2D Platformer You Should Definitely Keep An Eye On

A 16-bit inspired game starring two accidental adventurers whose quiet getaway turns into an Indiana Jones style adventure

Falling Out key art

I love a wide variety of different video games and genres. From massive open-world AAA games to smaller indie games that are full of passion. I also have a penchant for retro-inspired games that take me back to my childhood days of the Amiga 500. And all of its 4096 colours, and 16-bit glory.

And that’s exactly what Falling Out is, a 16-bit inspired 2D roguelike platformer with the charm and colourful presentation that brings back memories of those Amiga classics. Falling Out also adds a good dose of humour into the mix of platforming action. Check out the trailer below and get a taste of what Falling Out is all about.

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The Accidental Adventurers

Falling Out looks pretty great right? Colourful, platforming fun with a dash of humour and you have yourself a recipe for a very intriguing game. In Falling Out you play as two accidental adventurers called Georgio and Felicie who look like they get into all sorts of shenanigans. Exploring ancient kingdoms, discovering treasures, taking on ghastly creatures and trying their best to avoid the traps that lay in their path.

Yep, the two accidental adventurers’ plans for a peaceful getaway have turned into a holiday from hell (Must have gone to Saltcoats.) And it looks like our holiday-goers will need to go off the beaten path to survive this unconventional holiday. Because Falling Outs levels will be procedurally generated temples that will offer up unique obstacles and challenges for our fortuitous heroes.

Two Adventurers Are Better Than One

Our adventurous pair Giorgio and Felicie don’t always get along but, they will need to learn to work together. You’ll be able to play Falling Out in either single-player or co-op. You can also use Georgio and Filcie’s unique attributes by seamlessly switching between them. This will help the adventurers find a way out of the temples and escape their accidental adventure holiday.

Did I mention that Falling Out has procedurally generated temples? Turns out these temples are prone to flooding, so don’t be taking in the sights for too long. So grab what you can and make a beeline for the exit. And don’t forget to take your companion with you, lest they end up taking a rather scary bath.

Falling Out banner hero image with logo text
Falling Out is coming to PS5 and PS4 later this year

A Perfect Partnership

Much like the two heroes of Falling Out who have to work together and use each other’s unique talents, developer PolyCrunch Games and publisher Firestoke are doing the same. “Firestoke was the perfect partner for my vision due to their desire to make accessible games that everyone can enjoy. That’s what we’re building and I can’t wait for everyone to try the demo!” said Neville Attard, the founder of Polycrunch Games who wants to bring the challenging and rewarding nature of classic Roguelikes to a wider audience.

Edinburgh, Scotland based publisher is the new kid on the block, who aims to spark joy, surprise and delight in a Global audience of gamers. Falling Out will be the Scottish publisher’s first title and I think they might just have found a belter.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with PolyCrunch Games to bring Falling Out to a global audience. Our aim is to deliver compact, accessible, social and – most importantly – joyful games for console and PC. Falling Out is all of those things and much more!” said Firestoke CEO and Founder Paul Farley.

Sounds like PolyCrunch Games and Firestoke are the perfect partners to bring Falling Out and all of its 16-bit inspired goodness to the world.

Falling Out is scheduled to release later this year and will be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. If you have a gaming PC you can also download and try the free demo on Steam.