Far Cry 5 How to add Scopes and Other Customisations to Your Weapons

Got a shiny new weapon in Far Cry 5? Here’s how to add some scopes and customisations.

I’m loving Far Cry 5, it’s the first Far Cry game I’ve played since Far Cry 2 way back on the PS3. The story is very enjoyable and the combat is incredible, as is the open world of Hope County. Ubisoft really are the masters of the open world game.

Early on in the campaign of Far Cry 5, I was rather unsure how to add scopes and other custimisations to my weapons. I had seen videos prior to the release of the game showing people putting red dot sights and different skins on their guns, but with me being a bit slow I couldn’t figure out how to right away.

As with most of the problems I encounter in video games, the solution was staring me right in the face.

Far Cry 5 gun shop icon map

To add scopes and other customisations to your weapons in Far Cry 5, the first thing you’ll have to do is find a gun shop. Gun Shops are denoted by the green gun icon shown in the screenshot above.

Gun shops can be found in liberated outposts and you can sometimes find NPC’s wandering around the world with the green gun shop icon, kind of like mobile gun shops I guess.

When you are at a gun shop, hold down triangle to access it, the go to the weapons section of the shop.

Far Cry 5 weapons mod add scopes

Once you’re int he weapons section, tab along to the category of the weapon you want to modify, in my case it’s the rifles category. Then scroll down the list to find the weapon you want to modify, this can be one that you own or one that you currently have equipped. In my case I was modifying the AR-C.

Once you’ve located the weapon in the list, press X to modify. You will then be taken to the modifications screen.

Far Cry 5 adding scopes to weapons modification screen

Now that you’re in the modifications screen, you can select from a variety of different scopes such as the reflex sight or red dot sight. You can applly any of these scopes to your weapon, assuming you have enough cash of course.

In the modifications screen you will also be able to apply different skins to your weapons as well as other enhancements like an extended magazine.

And thats how you add scopes and other customisations to your weapons in Far Cry 5.