Final Fantasy XVI Twitter Account Found

Final Fantasy 16 annoucnement soon?

An eagle-eyed Reddit user over on r/PS5 has spotted what could be an official Final Fantasy XVI Twitter Account.

The Twitter account is named as FINAL FANTASY XVI (@FF16_JP) and has fans theorising that an announcement about a potential new Final Fantasy game could be made at the next PlayStation event.

Potential Final Fantasy XVI Twitter Account

The account, which has just joined Twitter this month, is currently locked and has no profile picture or banner image.

And although this account could be made by anyone, some Reddit users have found that the account has been registered with what appears to be an official Square Enix email address.

Final Fantasy XVI twitter account Square Enix email

Another Reddit user pointed out that the email address [email protected] would fit with the asterisks in the screenshot above.

Although this is all just speculation at the moment, fans are hoping that an official announcement about a new Final Fantasy could be forthcoming,

If Final Fantasy 16 is announced at the next PlayStation event, this could mean that the next Final Fantasy game will hit PlayStation 5 at some point.

We’ll need to wait and see.

Source: Reddit / Twitter