Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Trophy Guide

An easy and quick Platinum trophy and an pretty fun game too.

Flat Kingdom Paper's Cut Edition trophy guide

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut edition is a puzzle platform game by Fat Panda Games and published by Ratalaika Games. As it’s published by Ratalaika, you know that the Platinum trophy is going to be pretty easy to get, and it is.

Flat Kingdom has a total of 13 trophies. 11 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Platinum.

The trophy list is very straightforward and you will get the Platinum trophy just by playing the game. You don’t even have to complete the whole game for the Platinum. I got at the end of the third world. None of the trophies are missable.

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition also has a PS4 version with a separate trophy list. If you buy the PS5 version, you will also get the PS4 version of the game. So two Platinum trophies for the price of one.

The main mechanic in the Flat Kingdom, which is used for combat and puzzle-solving, is the ability to change shape. Your character can change into a Triangle (triangle button), square (square button) and circle (circle button).

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Trophy List & Guide

Platinum Shape (Platinum)

Get all other trophies.

Get all other trophies in the game to pop the Platinum

Fear My Sharpness (Gold)

Best a circle enemy.

For this trophy, you have to beat a circle enemy while in the triangle shape. I got this in the first world by beating a flying bat-like creature. Just wait until the bat flies low then jump up and hit it while in the triangle shape.

Flat Smash (Gold)

Beat a triangle enemy.

Pretty much the same deal as Fear My Sharpness. For Flat Smash, you have to beat a triangle enemy while in the square shape. You don’t have to jump onto the enemy or anything, just simply change to square and walk into the enemy to get the trophy.

Don’t Be A Square (Gold)

Beat a square enemy.

Same as Fear My Sharpness and Flat Smash. Just beat a square enemy while in the circle shape.

Shaping Up (Silver)

Use your three forms to fight.

You should get this trophy after you have killed an enemy with each of your three shape forms, tringle, circle and square.

Rookie Hero (Gold)

Finish your first side quest.

A bit later into the first world (Flat Kingdom) you will encounter an NPC next to a locked gate. The NPC will tell you that he almost escaped but a pesky Bat took the key. You will get the key from the Bat shown above under the Fear My Sharpness trophy. Take the key back to the NPC to get the Rookie Hero trophy. This can’t be missed as you need it to progress anyway.

Too Bad! (Gold)

Get one game over.

Your health is shown in the top left of the screen in the form of hearts. As you take damage your hearts will get greyed out. Just get hit by enemies to deplete all of your hearts to get this trophy.

A Long Way To Go (Gold)

Activate the first Checkpoint Guard.

You will get this trophy in the second world (Flat Forrest). At one point there will be a dear running around and a guard NPC to the right. Simply walk up to the guard to activate the checkpoint.

Salad to Go (Gold)

Defeat Plantosaurus.

Plantosaurus is a boss at the end of the Flat Forrest world. When his head is on the ground, jump and drop onto it as the square shape (double jump as circle shape then change to square.) This will stun the boss and reveal a glowing purple thing. Double jump as the circle shape then change to the square shape in mid-air to land on the glowing thing. Repeat this three times to beat Plantosaurus.

Shapeshifter (Gold)

Change your shape 10 times.

You can get this trophy right at the start of the game, once the king has finished his dialogue and you have control of your character. Simply press triangle, square and circle ten times to pop the trophy.

Eight Legged Freaks (Gold)

Defeat Arachne.

You will encounter the Arachne boss at the end of the second part of the Flat Forrest world. It is a giant spider boss in which you have to climb to the top of some platforms, then use your square shape to jump onto and push down a large piston thing on top of the boss. You will get the trophy once the boss is defeated.

Complicated Foes (Gold)

Defeat an enemy with two or more shapes.

You will get this by defeating the Kraken boss at the end of the Flatlantis world. It is a giant squid-like boss who tries to smack you with his tentacles. Defeating him requires changing to circle and square to hit the highlighted points on his tentacles.

Learning The Ropes (Gold)

Get your first special ability.

You can get this trophy after beating the Arachne boss at the end of the second part of the Flat Forrest world (see the Eight Legged Freaks trophy.) Once the boss is dead, proceed to the exit and you will pick up your first special ability.

And that is the Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition trophy guide. A very simple and straightforward trophy list that requires pretty much no effort. Just play through the game and the Platinum will pop without even trying. Make sure to check out my Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition Review as well.