Forspoken Will Have a Photo Mode

The world of Athia looks like a great place for some virtual photography

Forspoken screenshot from the Exploring Athia deep dive trailer - Frey holding cell phone

Most big AAA games have photo modes these days so it’s no surprise really that Square Enix’s Forspoken will also have one. But as a fan of in-game photography, it is good to know that a game will have a photo mode before I decide to buy it.

In a new deep dive video published today that showcases some of the activities you can do in the world of Athia, a photo mode is mentioned. Check out the deep dive video below, the photo mode part is mentioned at 2.28.

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The trailer highlights an activity called “Photo Spots” where Frey can take pictures of various landmarks to show to the children of Athia who long to see what the outside world looks like. Frey can use her parkour skills to reach these Photo Spots and take the perfect shot with her phone.

The more pictures Frey takes the more features you can unlock in photo mode the trailer says.

Forspoken photo spot trailerscreenshiot

The trailer doesn’t mention exactly what photo mode features you can unlock by taking pictures of the architecture and landmarks of Athia. But I would guess it’s probably things like different filters. And maybe even things like stickers, effects and other things to spruce up your photo mode captures.

Forspoken is shaping up to be a very interesting-looking game indeed. And this new deep dive trailer shows that there will be plenty to see and do in Athia.

Forspoken releases on January 24th for PS5.