Game Developers Conference Goers Went Hands-On with PS VR2

PlayStation VR2 is “Sooooo good”

game developer at GDC gets hands-on with PS VR2

Participants at the Annual GDC (Game Developers Conference), which runs from March 21st to March 25th apparently go to go hands-on with Sony’s next-gen PlayStation VR2 headset.

The GDC is where game developers and industry professionals get together to talk about game development related stuff. Talk about technical things and share ideas on game development.

This year it seems Sony has been showing off its latest VR kit to attendees.

One attendee, Chet Faliszek, founder of Stray Bombay game studio, tweeted that he had a great time playing in the new PS VR2 HMD (Head Mounted Display.)

Chet didn’t mention if he played in the actual final design of the PS VR2 headset that was revealed last month. I have tweeted to ask him if this was the case, or if it was some kind of prototype or dev kit model that he was playing on.

A recent report by PS VR YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole suggested that PlayStation VR2 wouldn’t be released until early 2023. However, if Sony has headsets out at conferences for people to try, then there is still a good possibility that PS VR2 might get released to the public this year. We can only hope.