Agent Intercept (2022)

Agent Intercept PS5 cover

Agent Intercept Overview

Infiltrate exotic locales behind the wheel of Sceptre, a supercar armed with the latest in high-tech weaponry and the ability to transform into a speedboat, jet, and offroad sledge at a moment’s notice. Race against enemy foes, repositioning around them using an array of spy gadgets and weaponry to clear the way or use the Sceptre’s superior construction to ram into blockades. Drift in and out of enemy gunfire and rack up points with some seriously stylish steering.

In a world where evil clandestine organizations and spy rings compete for the fate of the world, only one Agent can thwart the villainous onslaught of CLAW, the top criminal outfit with plans of putting countless lives at stake. Blaze through Mediterranean highways, coasts, mountains, and even the arctic as Sceptre seamlessly adapts to traverse any environment necessary to chase down and put a stop to CLAW once and for all.

Agent Intercept is scheduled to release on 30th March 2022 for PS4, PS5/

Game Info

March 30, 2022