Base One(TBC)

Base One PS5 cover


Base One is a space station simulator with hardcore survival and RPG mechanics from publisher Blowfish Studios and developer PixFroze.

Settle in among the stars and build new colonies by constructing modular space stations and managing power consumption, oxygen, and heat to keep crew members alive and well as they explore the final frontier. Scour star systems for valuable resources, forgotten satellites, and life signs to unlock new technologies and upgrades to keep the vessels in good working order.

Advance through a story-driven campaign that analyzes the impact of interstellar colonization in a reality where corporate interests guide the hand of scientific advancement. Navigate through challenging scenarios that test a crews’ survival skills by completing objectives and modifying stations to establish a human presence in otherwise uncharted regions of space.

Base One’s modular building system features a wide array of helpful technology and resources, allowing for on-the-fly station upgrades with an intuitive interface. Attach solar panels to a station’s exterior, construct a docking bay, furnish the astronauts’ living quarters, and assemble a launching system to deploy probes into the void in search of valuable information.

Keep the station running smoothly by ensuring that each module is powered and life support systems are online. Run power lines from a ship’s solar panels to a nearby battery to begin the flow of power and link it to different rooms and devices to keep the station’s interior hospitable and keep the crew alive through the campaign. Or design stations without ultimate freedom in custom game modes, where the only restraint on colonies is the builder’s imagination.

PS4 and PS5 versions of Base One are currently in development and are expected to release later in 2021.

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