Batora: Lost Haven (2022)

Batora: Lost Haven PS5 cover

Batora: Lost Haven Overview

Batora: Lost Haven is a story-driven, action RPG from acclaimed developer Stormind Games. Batora: Lost Haven is a brand new IP from Stormind Games and will be coming to PS4 and PS5.

Built on a rich Action RPG foundation, Batora follows Avril – a regular 16-year old girl, not a natural-born hero – as she realises, after losing everything she cares for, that she is the only one who can save a dying planet Earth from oblivion. This is how her interplanetary adventure starts: along this journey, she will visit colourful and mysterious planets and meet intriguing characters – and she will learn that every choice has a consequence.

No release date has been announced yet and the game is currently slated as ‘Coming Soon.’

UPDATE 24/6/21: It looks like Team 17 has taken over publishing duties of the game, release is now scheduled for 2022.

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