Black Myth: Wu Kong (2024)

Black Myth: Wukong PS5 cover

Black Myth: Wu Kong Overview

Black Myth: Wu Kong upcoming action-adventure RPG game for PS5

Black Myth: Wu Kong is an action-adventure, RPG game from Chinese developer Game Science.

The official game website is in Chinese, so even though Google translate, it is difficult to accurately pin down what the game is about.

The game is set in a fantasy world with mythical and fantastic creatures.

The game apparently tells the story of a westward journey and features top-notch graphics, rich details and immersive combat experience.

No release date is set yet and the game appears to be very much a work in progress. According to a FAQ section on the website, the developer plans to release the game on PC and all “major host platforms.” Presumably, this would mean PS5 and possibly PS4.

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