Bravery & Greed(2022)

Rekka Games
Bravery & Greed PS4 cover


Taking inspiration from classic adventure titles from times gone by, Bravery & Greed places players in the shoes of one of four classes; the agile Rogue, the valiant Warrior, the eccentric Wizard, and the mighty Amazon. Each class has its own unique skills and abilities, from ranged or melee attacks to the ability to summon elemental allies to assist in combat; there are customisation options aplenty. Furthermore, four skill trees – the Paths of Life, Chaos, Order, and Darkness – await treasure-hunting dungeon brawlers. Each of the paths has its own gameplay-altering capabilities, affecting everything from unlocking new skills for survivability and damage to increasing cunning and gold lust, which means no two runs in Bravery & Greed are ever the same.

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November 15, 2022

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