Cactus Cowboy – Plants at War(2023)

Cactus VR Studios
Cactus Cowboy Plants at War PS5 cover


Cactus Cowboy – Plants at War is a free-to-play PSVR2 game developed by Cactus VR Studios.

When the bug army attacked Cacti Island, the Cacti Army deployed you into battle. Together with your comrade Emilio, you fight many battles in the trenches, cities, and woods of Cacti Island, unravelling the story behind the backstabbing attack of the bug army. While on your adventure, you make new friends, learn new skills, and survive the relentless attacks of the bugs. This WW2-themed VR story shooter brings your weapon combat skills to a new level while taking you on a marvellous adventure through the Cactus Cowboy World.