Destiny 2: Lightfall(2023)

Destiny 2: Lightfall cover


Lightfall is the latest expansion to the ongoing live-service first-person shooter game Destiny 2.

The last stand against Calus–who became the latest disciple of The Witness at the end of Season of the Haunted–and a “pivotal” moment for the Destiny franchise as it heads to the end of the Light and Darkness saga. Lightfall takes place in a new city on Neptune, Neomuna, which has a pristine and retro-futuristic design. As for the fifth subclass that was briefly seen, this new Darkness power is called Strand and allows for new traversal methods in Neomuna. The city is inhabited by a new race known as Cloudstriders, who managed to escape The Collapse of the solar system and remain hidden from the Darkness. With The Witness having discovered the city, it has come under siege from Calus, the Shadow Legion, and gigantic Pyramid Demons that can use a scythe to attack from a distance and drain your life-force.

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