Do Not Open(2022)

Nox Noctis
Do Not Open PS5 cover


DO NOT OPEN is a terrifying first-person escape room experience based on procedural puzzle generation, and classic survival-horror mechanics, boosting replayability to discover the plot and lore: Each game will contain different rooms, puzzles and variations, being different to solve.

Its story evolves within the confines of a room that will bring the player’s mental and physical condition to the limit. The main character wakes up in their own house to the sudden realization that something has changed – the house is locked up and it keeps changing as the game progresses, in an analogy of what is happening within the character’s own head. Do Not Open is a non-linear game, and players will get different endings depending on their decisions, as well as the results of the tests they overcome through the game.


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November 25, 2022

November 25, 2022 (Physical)

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PS VR2 Compatible

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