Eagle Island Twist(2021)

Eagle Island Twist PS5 cover


Eagle Island Twist is a handcrafted platform game by Pixelnicks and Screenwave Media Games.

Dart across Eagle Island as Fia, using your fowl friend Kusako as a projectile and restore peace. This action-packed adventure features crisp pixel art, dynamic stage mechanics, and retro-style platforming with an aerial twist.

About The Game

With 16-bit pixelated charm, tight controls, and 2D-side scrolling, Eagle Island Twist is evocative of games past but also embraces modern touches like lighting, screen effects, and deeply-layered backgrounds. Plus, with accessibility and modification options, it’s an experience all ages and skillsets will enjoy!

The game contains 45 all-new handcrafted stages of single-player pick-up-and-play action, each with bold variations in design and power-ups. Explore a retro-style world map and forge your path to the journey’s end. Battle fauna and flora with a falconer’s precision, navigate perilous platforming, and defeat 12 huge bosses, all in Eagle Island Twist!


  • 45 handcrafted stages brimming with boss battles, distinct mechanics, and more

  • Fully adjustable difficulty settings, from zero damage to hardcore

  • Ambient soundtrack and satisfying SFX

  • Build combos and gather even more collectables

  • Purchase of Eagle Island Twist includes original rogue-lite challenge, Eagle Island, available for the first time on Xbox and PlayStation consoles

Eagle Island Twist is set to launch on PS4 and PS5 on May 28th 2021.

Game Info

Release Dates

May 28, 2021

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