Endling – Extinction is Forever(2022)

Herobeat Studios
Endling - Extinction is Forever PS5 cover


Endling – Extinction is Forever lets you experience firsthand what it could be like to live in a time where your home and family are consistently threatened by the ever further expanding reach of humans.

Endling – Extinction is Forever takes place in a plausible near future. Mankind has altered the biosphere to a degree that makes it harder and harder to sustain animal and plant life. Even humans struggle to breathe. In this horrendous quasi-apocalyptic scenario, you – as the player – take control of the last mother fox in this dying world. You are now fighting for survival, not only your own but the survival of your cute but clumsy cubs that depend on their mother to bring them food.

The game was previously released in July 2022 for PS4 and is now coming to PS5.