Exodemon (2021)

Exodemon PS5 cover

Exodemon Overview

Exodemon is a fast-paced first-person shooter inspired by the 90s FPS golden age.

Possessed by an alien entity, slash and tear countless enemies with your monstrous claws, you must find a way to escape the planet before you lose what’s left of your humanity!

You must make your way through maze-like levels, destroying hordes of enemies with your monstrous abilities. Combining the destructive power of your symbiotic claws with a fast, sharp and fluid movement, you’ll become an indestructible alien killing machine.

In Exodemon you play as a scientist in the edge of the universe who was infected by an alien entity. The symbiotic force is trying to take control, but you may find a way to control the beast in the confederation laboratories.
Resist the infection and blaze through various locations to reach the last escape pod before you lose what’s left of your humanity.

Exodemon released on 13th May for PS4 and PS5. The PS5 version features haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support.

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Game Info

May 13, 2021