Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue(2023)

Hello Neighbour: Search and Rescue PS5 cover


Mr. Peterson’s creepy house takes on a new level of immersion in VR, and there is nothing quite as scary as actually seeing that familiar shadow tower over you just before everything goes black. In Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue,

you’ll return to that house and take on the role of six little neighbourhood heroes as they confront their fears to free their friend who is held captive in a bizarre basement prison.

You’ll need to learn and master each of their unique abilities to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and make it out of the neighbour’s house in one piece, all in the midst of trying not to get caught by the creepy neighbour himself. Just the thought of it sends our heartbeats racing! 

Whatever you do, avoid the Neighbor at all costs. However, he may not be the only adversary you encounter as you attempt to liberate your friend and make your great escape.

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