Into The Eternal(TBC)

Zero Infinite Games
Into The Eternal PS5 cover


Into The Eternal PS5

Into The Eternal is a massive action RPG from Zero Infinite Games coming to all major gaming platforms later this year. It is heavily inspired by classic adventure games of the ’80s, but without the technical limitations of hardware to hold it back.

The Eternal has been opened! The powerful wizard Silah has discovered a path to immortality. The great council of Southwood Kingdom has formed to determine what to do about Silah’s rise to power. The only option is to retrieve nine gems from the great dungeons to destroy Silah’s immortal soul located inside the eternal.

Developer Zero Infinite Games currently has a Kickstarter campaign set up to gauge interest in the game and to create special editions for backers.

Into The Eternal has now reached its funding goal and the developer has confirmed the game will come to PS4 and PS5 in 2021. You can still back the game through its Kickstarter page to get the Collectors Edition and early access.