Rise of The Slime (2021)

Rise of The Slime PS5 cover

Rise of The Slime Overview

Rise of The Slime is a charming roguelike deck-building adventure from the publishers of Mortal Shell, and solo developer Bunkovsky Games.

Rise of The Slime offers a unique mix of deep, tactical deck-builder gameplay with the chill vibes of a side-scrolling adventure. Help Slime overcome the odds by playing insanely powerful cards in turn-based, positional combat against a bunch of baddies—though you just might feel terrible dousing them with acid.

With the help of fancy hats and pet companions to spice up your adventures, you’ll traverse beautiful and exotic lands, from sizzling fire swamps to toxic marshlands to a breezy unfurling garden populated by sexy radishes!

Rise of The SLime is due to release on PS4 and PS5 on 20th May 2021.

Game Info

May 20, 2021