The Falconeer: Warrior Edition (2021)

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition Overview

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is a supercharged and enhanced version of the critically acclaimed game ‘The Falconeer.’ The Falconeer is developed by independent developer Tomas Sala and is published by Wired Productions.

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition includes all updates and additional content released to date, as well as an extensive all-new content pack, Edge of the World.

The Falconeer delivers a frenetic air combat experience tailored to the power of the console of your choice as every console delivers a rock-solid 60fps experience. PlayStation 5 owners will max out the console in glorious 4k 60fps, whilst feeling every shot engage, every missile roar into life and more with bespoke haptic feedback via the DualSense controller.

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is scheduled to take flight on PS5 and PS4 on August 5th 2021.

More information on this upcoming release can be found on the games official website.

Game Info

August 5, 2021