The Light Brigade(2023)

Funktronic Labs
The Light Brigade PS5 cover


From the minds at Funktronic Labs comes a new single-player roguelike experience filled with immersive gunplay and moody mystery. 

The world lies in ruins and with each passing day, the light grows dimmer. Only you can offer the world a glimmer of hope. 

As the last line of defence against the darkness, you will enlist in the ranks of the Light Brigade and journey into the Sunken World as many times as it takes. Pieced together from shattered memories, these procedurally-generated battlegrounds are filled with enemies lurking around every corner. You will be forced to strategically navigate through dense forests, frozen mountains, and forgotten graveyards with a steady rifle and light magic to keep the shadows at bay. 

Game Info

Release Dates

February 22, 2023

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