Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Oni’s Blade Straw Hat

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Ghost of Tsushima where to find Oni's Blade Straw Hat

Ghost of Tsushima has quite a lot of vanity items to collect. These items are needed for the Slay trophy – where you have to acquire 30 pieces of vanity gear. Oni’s Blade Straw Hat is one such vanity item, and here I’ll show you where to find it.

Oni's Blade Straw Hat inventory page
Oni’s Blade Straw Hat

To find Oni’s Blade Straw Hat vanity item, first, locate Kuta Farmstead which is in the Kuta Grasslands region of the southern part of the island. It is south-eat of Golden Forest. You’ll probably come across Kuta Farmstead as you head to the Tale of Sensei Ishikawa mission as it’s en-route.

Kuta Farmstead Map Location
Kuta Farmstead Map Location

Once you are at Kuta Farmstead, there will be a man you can talk to and he will tell you about the Golden Birds of the island – the ones you can follow to a secret, hidden places.

Shortly after this little cutscene and dialogue, you will spot a Golden Bird. You can usually tell if a Golden Bird is nearby by its distinctive chirping sound.

Follow the Golden Bird to a field area, still within Kuta Farmstead. The bird will land right next to the location of Oni’s Blade Straw Hat vanity item. The hat is found sitting on an irrigation wheel in the field.

Oni's Blade Straw Hat location

You will come across Golden Birds all over the Island of Tsushima. Rember to follow them to find interesting items and places.

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