Ghost of Tsushima Guide: Where to Find the Riverbed Straw Hat

Give Jin that 13th Century Japanese farmer look

In Ghost of Tsushima, there are a lot of vanity and cosmetic items to find. And a lot of different hats. In this guide, I will show you where to find the Riverbed Straw Hat to adorn Jin’s head. The 13th Century Japanese farmer look is you know.

The Riverbed Straw Hat can be found just north of Kushi Temple, which is in the Kushi Grasslands area. If you’re not at the temple, fast travel there then head out the northern gate.

You might also come across this if you are heading for the mission Ghosts from the Past. Where you have to return home to Omi village.

Riverbed Straw hat guide map location
Location of the Riverbed straw hat on the map

Once you head in the general direction as shown in the above map, you will probably encounter a Golden Bird. The Golden Bird will lead you through some grass fields with the white plants. Eventually, you will arrive at an area with a burn out wooden hut/house.

riverbed straw hat guide burn out building location

Simply climb on to the roof of the burnt-out hut and collect your new hat which is perched on a stick.

Riverbed straw hat guide burnt out building

And that is that. Jin now has a not so fancy looking new hat to wear.

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