Ghost of Tsushima Guide: Where to Find the Tengai Helmet

True mastery beings where individual ego ends

Ghost of Tsushima has many vanity items scattered throughout the world. These items can give Jin a new look. You can make Jin look like a true Ghost or a fearsome warrior. Or, in the case of the Tengai, make him look like he has a laundry basket on his head.

To find this particular, laundry basket looking helmet, make sure you have done enough missions to reach Jogaku Temple. You’ll get there once you complete the Honour and Ash mission, which is in the third, snowy region.

The Tengai helmet can be found just east of Jogaku Temple, just outside of the Temple walls.

Ghost of Tsushima guide Tengai helmet
Tengai helmet location on map

When you are in Jogaku Temple, you will probably hear the chirping of a Golden Bird. Follow the bird over the eastern wall. The bird will then lead you through a snowy Forrest.

Where you are near the location of the laundry basket helmet, you will be in a slight clearing. And you should see what looks like a grave which is just beyo9nd a couple of large rocks.

The Tengai helmet can be found at the grave, sitting on top of a shovel.

Tengai helmet grave location

Equip the Tengai and give Jin the laundry basket look. He’s sure to scare off a few Mongols wearing that helmet and he’ll probably do their laundry too.

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