Ghost of Tsushima: Where to Find Warrior’s Sunset Headband

As day gives way to night, blood and fire to follow

The Warrior’s Sunset Headband is one of many headbands and cosmetic items that can be collected and equipped in Ghost of Tsushima.

The headband is maroon in colour with nice yellow-gold bands on the top and bottom. Perfect for the Samurai warrior about town.

The description of the headband reads: As day gives way to night, blood and fire to follow.

Now, let’s go find this fetching headband.

Warrior’s Sunset Headband location

The headband can be found at Golden Temple. Like other headbands, it is situated at the very top of the tallest temple structure or Pagoda.

Golden Temple is located in the southern region of Izuhara, the region where you start the game.

warriors sunset headband at Golden Temple map location

Once you are at Golden Temple, find the tallest structure/Pagoda as shown in the screenshot below.

Golden Temple tallest structure

Now you have to use your grappling hook to climb up to the very top of the Pagoda.

Then you will find the headband at the base of the temple spire.

warrior's sunet headband temple spire

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