God of War Ragnarok Has Been Rated In South Korea. Possibly Releasing Soon-ish

If it’s rated it must get dated

God of War Ragnarok screnshot

The release of the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok could be coming sooner than we think. The sequel to God of War (2018) has just been rated by the Korean Game Management Committee, suggesting that we might get out hands on it sooner rather than later.

Previously, games producer Cory Barlog had told fans to “hold tight, know that something good is coming” when speaking about the game in a Twitter video. Ragnarok producer Barlog also said that they (Santa Monica Studio) weren’t quite ready to show more of the game yet.

But it seems that this has changed tough as I would imagine that a game rating authority would have to play through pretty much the final build of a game to give it a proper rating.

Santa Monica Studio also recently revealed some of the game’s accessibility features. Suggesting that full reveal with release date and all isn’t too far in the future.

God of War Merchandise on UK Store

In other God of War Ragnarok news, a Twitter user by the name of The_Marmolade has discovered some God of War Ragnarok merchandise on a UK retailer’s website.

The merchandise had a release date of September 2022. Which could possibly point to the release date of the game itself. However, it appears that the merchandise which was on the Geekyzone.co.uk site is now no longer visible on the website.

God of War Ragnarok was rumoured to be pushed into 2023 by some games journalists. However, Santa Monica Studio staff and the official Santa Monica Studio Twitter account are still stating that the game will come out in 2022.

Whenever it does release, God of War Ragnarok will be available for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.