The next instalment of God of War got very briefly teased at PlayStation’s PS5 showcase last month. The highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive even got a tentative release window of 2021. Now it seems that Ragnarok may be coming a bit sooner than expected if IMDB is to be believed as the site has listed the release date as February 2021.


God of War: Ragnarok Release Date

You may have thought that the new God of War game for PS5 (and possibly PS4) would have been six-plus months away from the launch at least. But a listing for the game on IMDB suggests that the God of War: Ragnarok release date is 5th February 2021.

Of course, this is likely just speculation for now as we don’t even know if the new God of War game will even be officially called God of War: Ragnarok. It’s just assumed that will be the title as the teaser trailer suggests that the plot will revolve around the Norse Myth.

It should be noted that much like Wikipedia, anyone can edit a page on IMDB so the date could just be someone guessing.

The IMDB page for the game is also missing quite a lot of information. For example, it doesn’t list Christopher Judge (voice of Kratos in God of War 2018.) In fact, it doesn’t list any voice actors at all. The only cast and crew members listed are Cory Barlog (Director and writing credit) and two people for the music side of things.

The IMDB page for the game does show a new bit of cover art for the game, but it appears to be a fan-made movie poster and not the official cover art.

God of War: Ragnarok Release Date is February 2021 according to IMDB

God of War: Ragnarok cover art from IMDB

God of War: Ragnarok (or whatever it’s official title may be) is supposed to release sometime in 2021 but a release as soon as February is highly unlikely. We would have seen a lot more of the game if it was releasing that early.

There haven’t been any details about the game so far except for the short teaser trailer. Which basically just showed a logo and a hint that the plot revolves around Ragnarok.

Source: IMDB via Reddit