God of War WIll Get PS5 Enhanced Performance Patch Tomorrow (Out Now)

The patch will boost framerate and resolution on PS5

God of War will get PS5 enhanced performance patch tomorrow

God of War fans have been wanting a PS5 performance patch for the game ever since the PS5 launched. The 2018 PS4 exclusive title has been part of the PlayStation Plus collection since it launched alongside the PS5 in November last year. But, previously the only way to get 4K and 60FPS on God of War was through an unpatched (1.0) version of the game.

Now God of War will get a proper PS5 performance patch tomorrow developers Santa Monica Studio has tweeted.

God of War PS5 Enhanced Performance Patch

The God of War Enhanced Performance Experience patch for PS5 will go live at some point tomorrow. The patch will deliver:

  • Syncs to 60FPS,
  • 4K Checkerboard resolution,
  • 2160p

The patch will be a free update for all PS5 users.

A post on the Santa Monica Studio’s blog goes into further detail. The blog post explains that since God of War’s inclusion in the PlayStation Plus Collection, the team at the studio have been working on a video graphics mode option “that will enable players to get the most out of the increased capabilities of the PS5.”

They have even posted a screenshot from the game captured on the PS5 with the new patch.

God of War PS5 Enhanced screenshot
God of War (2018) PS5 Enhanced screenshot. Image: Sony Santa Monica Studio

Tomorrow’s God of War PS5 patch will replace the current PS4 Pro graphics mode options and replace it with a single option that provides the best of both performance and resolution on PS5.

You will be able to go back to the original PS4 ‘favour resolutions’ graphics mode at any time by selecting Original Performance Experience the blog post states. This will give 4K Checkerboard Resolution synced to 30 FPS.

It is not known what time the patch will go live at tomorrow. If you have God of War installed on your PS5 it should automatically start downloading the update. If you haven’t tried God of War yet you can grab it from the PlayStation Plus collection from your PS5 console. If you prefer to own a physical copy of the game, it’s only £11.99 on Amazon.