Guerrilla Has “Ambitious Future Plans” For The Decima Engine

Big plans for Guerrilla’s game engine

Decima logo and Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games, the developers behind Killzone and more recently the Horizon games have big plans for their in-house Decima Engine the studio’s Technical Director has said.

Guerrilla Games has recently undergone a management restructuring due to Studio Director Angie Smets taking on a bigger role at PlayStation. In the restructuring, Guerrilla’s Technical Director Michiel van der Leeuw will be concentrating on future technology and strategy for the Decima engine.

Posting on LinkedIn, Van Der Leeuw says “We’ve crafted a studio roadmap and future direction for our Decima engine so ambitious, that combining both is more than one day job.” Van Der Leeuw continues to say that he’ll be focusing his attention on the ambitious future plans for the Decima engine.

The head honchos at PlayStation no doubt see the Decima engine as part of PlayStation’s ambitious plans as well. PlayStation Studio head Herman Hulst said back in October last year that “several” PlayStation Studios are using the Decima engine.

It’s not only first-party games that are using the Decima engine. The Guerrilla-developed game engine was also used for Death Stranding and will be used to make the upcoming Death Stranding 2. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the ambitious Decima engine will be used in Horizon 3.

Source: LinkedIn via Reddit