Here’s Some Third-Party DualSense Accessories You Can Pre-Order

Accessorise your DualSense

It didn’t take long for manufacturers to start firing out some unofficial PlayStation 5 and DualSense accessories. There’s almost everything you could need for your DualSesne controllers, from charging docks to carry cases.

These items are available to pre-order now on Amazon UK, for delivery in time for your PS5 arriving.

DualSense Accessories

Here are some of the best unofficial DualSesne accessories you can order now.

Venom PS5 Controller Docking Station

Release Date: November 19th

Price: £14.99 (Twin dock)

Venom PS5 DualSense docking station accessory

With the official DualSesne Charging Station pretty much sold out everywhere, the Venom PS5 Controller Twin Docking station is probably a must-have.

The stylish looking DualSense charger can fit two controllers and is black and white to match the DualSense and PS5. The DualSense Docking Station uses the same drop and charge design, so no more wires hanging from the controller.

The Venom charging dock also has an LED indicator on the front to let you know when your controller is charged. Nifty.

If you only plan on having the one DualSense for a while, the Venom charging dock also comes in a single dock variety.

Numskull DualSense Controller Charging Station (Twin Slot)

Release Date: November 9th

Price: £14.99

Numskull PS5 DualSense charging station

The Numskull twin-slot DualSense charging station is pretty similar to the Venom one except is uses USB-C adaptors to charge the controllers. Just pop the adaptor into the DualSense’s USB type-C port on the front and place the controller in the charger.

Numskull’s charging station also has an LED indicator to let you know when your controller is fully charged and ready for a lengthy gaming session.

iMP Tech Combat Elite Thumb & Trigger Treadz Dual Sense Controller Grips

Release Date: November 19th

Price: £4.99

iMP Tech Combat Elite DualSense thumb & trigger grips

iMP Tech’s Combat Elite Thumb & Trigger grips for the PS5 DualSense is a combo pack of trigger and analogue stick grips. They’ll protect your triggers and analogue sticks from wear and tear and reduce slippage. The increased grip will also offer greater control and accuracy. Perfect for Black Ops Cold War.

iMP Tech also has a two-pair pack of Trigger Treads with two different designs. Made from high-grade silicon rubber and has a non-slip guarantee. There is also a four-pack of DualSense thumb grips with two dotted and two ridged grips. Both are priced at £4.99.

TGC Universal Controller Protective Armoured Case

Release Date: Out Now

Price: £8.99

TGC DualSense Carry Case

The protective carry case for your DualSesnse is a necessity if you plan on transporting your controller around.

The case is made of shockproof EVA with a brushed lining and can safely store your DualSense controller. It can also store other controllers, like the DualShock 4.

The case comes in Cool White which matches the PS5 and DualSense but it’s also available in some other cool colours.

That’s some fo the best DualSense accessories available on Amazon UK right now. And you can pre-order these essentials to be delivered on the same day as your PS5.

The PlayStation 5 is due to release in the UK and Europe on November 19th.