Here’s the Best Place to get the Zip It Off Trophy in The Hidden Ones

This Roman camp is the best place to get your three zip-line assassinations

The best place to get the Zip it Off trophy

The Zip it Off trophy in Assassin’s Creed Origin’s The Hidden Ones DLC was my very last trophy to unlock in the expansion and it took a wee bit of time and effort to get it done.

The Zip it Off trophy requires you to perform three assassinations from a zip-line. There are quite a few zip-lines around the Sinai but the best place I found to get this trophy done was Operum Tourum Gemmam Castra, a Roam military installation in  Klysma Nome.

Zip it Off trophy best lcoation map Operum Tuorum Gemmam Castra

There are tons of zip-lines dotted all around this Roman camp and theres also a good number of enemy soldiers to assassinate.

However, getting the Zip it Off trophy to unlock will still take a bit of time and patience. My best advice is to approach the camp from the high ground, this is where all the jump-off points for the zip-lines are. Once you’re at a zip-line, use Senu to locate where the soldiers are, then with a little luck and patience, wait until an enemy soldier is walking underneath the zip-line, then zip down and assassinate him.

Assassinate Icon

It is important to make sure the Assassinate icon is showing above the enemy soldiers head before pressing triangle to jump off and assassinate him. I’m pretty sure I had a couple not count because the icon wasn’t showing. I also jumped off and the soldier must have moved and I ended landing right beside him.

If you manage to get the soldier to walk underneath the xip-line and time it perfectly then you should get the assassination to count.

You’ll have to get three assassinations from a zip-line to unlock the Zip if Off trophy.

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