Horizon Call of the Mountain is a PS VR2 Launch Game, Will Cost £60

No doubt the game will be great, but will there be enough content to justify £60?

Horizon Call of the Mountain key art

Horizon Call of the Mountain has been confirmed as a PS VR2 launch game and will launch alongside the headset on February 22nd, 2023.

There was no surprise that Horizon Call of the Mountain would be a launch title for Sony’s next-gen VR headset. The game can be bought as part of a PS VR2 bundle for £570.00 but the price of the standalone game, if you buy it separately, is a whopping £60.

At that price, the game will need to have quite a bit of content and replayability to be worth the money. Guerrilla Games, who are developing Call of the Mountain alongside Firesprite said earlier in the week that more news on the game would be coming this week. Given the price, I hope that they share that the game is pretty in-depth and will have tons of content.

For £60 I would expect the game’s main campaign/storyline to be at least 15 hours long. And with at least several more hours made up of side content, collectables, etc. But VR games are usually on the short side so we will need to wait and see what new info Guerrilla reveals this week. But with Guerrilla and Firesprite at the helm, you know that the game will be great but will it be £60 great?

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If you have been lucky enough to receive a PS VR2 pre-order invite, you’ll save £20.00 by ordering the PS VR2 Horizon Call of the Moutain bundle at £570.00. Meaning you essentially get the game for £40.

All the other PS VR2 launch games are priced a bit more respectably with the other most expensive game being £49.99 for The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners Ch1 & 2 Deluxe Edition, but that contains two games.

The price of Horizon Call of the Mountain does give us an idea of Sony’s pricing strategy for first-party PS VR2 games moving forward. But at just £10 less than a AAA first-party PS5 game, they will need to be really good to warrant a day-one purchase.

Currently, 10 PS VR2 launch games are available to pre-order with more games presumably following soon..