Horizon Forbidden West: Cinnabar Sands Tallneck Guide

Alouy needs to get on top of an old-world satellite to glide on to this Tallneck

Cinnabar Sands Tallneck guide walkthrough

Tallnecks are well, very tall machines in Horizon Forbidden West. You can find Tallnacks in various places in the world. They are often found circling certain locations. In this guide for the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck, I’ll show you how to get on top of its head so Aloy can override it and gain data on the surrounding area.

Completing this Tallneck will gain you a map reveal, 2 x skill points and 7500 XP.

You should be at least level 10 before attempting this Tallneck.

Cinnabar Sands Tallneck Location

The Tallneck at Cinnabar Sands can be found circling an area just south of Plainsong.

Cinnabar Sands Tallneck Walkthrough

Turns out this particular Tallneck is circling an old-world satellite. When you get to the location of the Tallneck, Aloy will mention that she has spotted the satellite, and she can use this to get on to the Tallnecks head.

old world satellite

There will be a few machines near the satellite dish so take them out before proceeding.

Underneath the satellite dish, there is a power generator with a Datapoint on top of it. We’ll get to the power generator later but for now, scan the Datapoint. It is called Eyes To The Heavens.

At the base of the satellite dish, you will notice a ladder. Shoot the clamp on the ladder to drop the ladder down.

shoot the clamp on teh ladder
Shoot the clamp to release the ladder

Now climb up. Go up a small set of stairs then climb another ladder where Aloy will reach an access console that requires power.

Straight ahead from the console you will see another ladder you can jump over to. Jump and grab onto the ladder and climb up.

jumping onto the ladder

Once you are at the top, Aloy will mention that the satellite can rotate but needs the power turned back on. To the right, you will see a ledge with a ladder that can be lowered.

lower the ladder

Lower the ladder and climb down. Climb down the ladder about halfway and then to your right you will see more handholds that you can swing and grab on to. Swing all the way to the end where you will reach a ledge with a power cell.

the power cell

Remove the power cell and then take it back down to underneath the satellite dish where the power generator is. Insert the power cell into the generator to turn the satellite’s power back on.

inserting the power cell into the generator

Climb back up the ladders to the access console and activate it. The satellite’s power will turn back on but the satellite will be stuck.

Left of the console, jump across to the platform. Jump up and grab the handholds and shimmy across to the ladder that you lowered earlier. Climb up the ladder and Aloy will mention that she is still not high enough to reach the Tallneck.

Scan with your focus and you will notice a couple of growing yellow things that look attached to cables. Shoot these with an arrow to break them off.

shoot the yellow things

The satellite will then rotate revealing another ladder you can climb to get to the very top of the satellite dish.

the ladder to the very top of the satellite dish

Climb this ladder and get to the very top of the satellite.

Now you’ll just need to jump off and use the glider to glide onto the Tallneck. All you need to do is time the jump-off and glide right so you can reach and grab onto one of the Tallnecks antennae.

Now just use the antennae to climb up on top of the Tallneck to override it.

And that is it. You have completed the Cinnabar Sands Tallneck.