Horizon Forbidden West: Forbidden Legacy Eileen Sasaki Door Code

The code is 402625

Aloy and Alva in the Forbidden Legacy quest in Horizon Forbidden West

So, there is this quest in Horizon Forbidden West called Forbidden Legacy. In this quest, Aloy has to help Alva recover some data from a very tall office block. So the pair climb to the top of this office block and need to get into the CEO Eileen Sasaki’s office to get the data.

To get into the office though Aloy needs the door code. And, because I am as thick as two short planks it took me a while to figure it out. There are clues nearby in the form of artefacts which have numbers attached to them. There is an award that Eileen won when she was 40, a device called H2 Flow, an item to commemorate her company’s 25th anniversary and a drone with a 6 in its name.

The code is 402625

Anyway, the artefacts are in the wrong order and it took me five attempts to get the code right. So here it is 402625.

Forbidden Legacy quest Eileen Sasaki office door code 402625

And there you have the door code for the office of Eileen Sasaki in the Forbidden Legacy quest.