Horizon Forbidden West: Relic Ruin The Daunt Guide

A guide on how to complete the Relic Ruin in The Daunt. It’s not too daunting

Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruin The Daunt Guide

What are Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West? Relic Ruins are ruins of old-world buildings that Aloy can explore. They involve some climbing and some mild puzzle-solving in order for Aloy to reach the relic (ornament) locked within the ruins.

This guide is a walkthrough on how to complete the Relic Ruin at the Daunt.

Relic Ruin: The Daunt Location

The Relic Ruin in The Daunt is located in the eastern part of the map. South of the settlement Chainscrape.

Relic Ruin: The Daunt Walkthrough

Start from the northern end of the Relic Ruin. You will see the locked room you have to get into if you face west.

Facing west, move the crate to the left side of the room and climb up to the floor above.


Now go forward and up a little ramp to the left where you will be on a balcony on the outside of the building.


No jump across to the other balcony in front of you. Turn to your left and drop through the open gap into the new area below.

In this area, you’ll find a data point to scan called “your red permit code.”

Data point - Your Red Permit Code

Look up to your right and you will see a vent panel you can open with the Pullcaster. To the right of the vent, you will also see a sturdy beam you can use the Pullcaster on.

Use the Pullcaster on teh vent panel and sturdy beam
Use the Pullcaster on the vent panel and the sturdy beam

Use the Pullcaster on the vent panel to open the front grille, then use the Pullcaster on the beam to pull it into place.

use the Pullcaster on teh vent panel and sturdy beam

Now turn around and you will see a crate sitting on an area above you.

Use the Pullcaster to pull the crate down to Aloy

Use your Pullcaster again to grab onto the crate and pull it down to where Aloy is.

Move the crate into position so Aloy can climb onto the sturdy beam you pulled into place. And then onto the vent panel.

Now we need to find the key to the locked door.

Finding the Key Module

Crouch through the vent and drop down to the area below.

Use the Pullcaster on the blue metal clamp attached to the cracked wall. This will open a passage to the previous room.

Go back to the previous room and move the crate so that it falls into the hole in the floor.

move the crate so it falls through the hole in the floor

Now push and pull the crate all the way around until you reach a wall with yellow climbing points on it. Climb on the crate then onto the climbing points. Climb up and shimmy around to the right and climb up again until you are on the roof of the building.

climbing up to the roof of the ruins

To your left, you will see another balcony you can jump down onto. Here you will find the key module you need.

the key module

Getting the ornament

Now head back to the locked door that contains the relic ornament.

Insert the key module into the access panel to the left of the door. The door needs a code to access. You will find the code in the “your red permit code” data point you scanned earlier. You can find your found data points by pressing touchpad > notebook > datapoints. The one you need will be under the Relic Ruins heading. For quickness, the code is 1705.

inputting the code - 1705
The code is 1705

Enter the code and the door will open and you can now collect the ornament. Your prize for completing this relic ruin.