I Upgraded to the PS4 Pro, It’s Pretty Good

Totally worth the buy, even if you’re on a 1080p TV

I upgraded to the PS4 Pro

After months of saving my hard earned cash, I finally managed to tuck away enough dosh to upgrade to the PS4 Pro. My faithful original PS4 now lies in rest in it’s box waiting to be sold or kept as a spare.

I was in two minds about getting a PS4 at first, I don’t have a 4K TV so I though it might be a bit pointless but after some research, I found that there are some good reason to getting a PS4 Pro, even if you only have a 1080p telly.

Even on a 1080p TV I definitely noticed some subtle visual improvements on a couple of games, definitely not as amazing as on a 4K but definatley some improvements to the look of the games.

I did notice definite improvements on menu loading times in Destiny 2 which is nice and moving around the PS4 dashboard feels a bit quicker too.

The main advantages to the PS4 Pro over the standard PS4 for me is the ability to screenshot in 4K and record footage in 1080p. The original PS4 only captured game footage at a maximum of 1280 x 720 but the PS4 allows for full HD 1920 x 1080 capture. As someone who runs a blog and posts screenshots a lot and occasionally uploads game videos to YouTube having these extra features is rather handy.

Aside from the technical benefits of the PS4 Pro, the Pro actually looks really good as well. I really like the three-tiered and the matt black casing.

Another benefit of the Pro that I like is the addition of a third USB port on the back of the unit. I currently use that port for my external hard drive which means I have two front ports available, one for charging controllers and one to plug a USB stick into for copying screenshots on to.

Set up of the Pro was pretty easy too, I opted to transfer everything from my old PS4 to the Pro using the ethernet cable method. I looked up a guide and found one on the official PlayStation blog. In that guide it states you can connect both PS4’s together using an ethernet cable, as in one end of the cable connected to the Pro and the other end connected to the old PS4.

Turns out this part of the guide is a bit wrong or somehow not worded correctly as the Pro could not find my old PS4 at all when both where connected using one ethernet cable.

I had to connect both consoles to my router and transfer the data that way. It wasn’t too bad though, it took about 12 hours in total to transfer everything over to the Pro.

Overall I am glad I upgraded to the PS4 Pro. It’s certainly worth upgrading even if you still have a 1080p TV as there is some nice visual and speed improvements.

Owning the Pro I think will give me the incentive to save up for a 4K TV as well, so hopefully I’ll be getting a nice 4K set in the near future.