Insomniac Games Nabs Battlefront II Writer for Wolverine PS5 Narrative Director Role

No doubt writing a sharp story that digs its claws in

Marvel's Wolverine screenshot

Insomniac Games sound like a busy bunch. Not only have they got Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in development and possibly some multiplayer game. But they are also working on PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Wolverine. And for Wolverine, they have just recruited a seasoned writer to be the games Narrative Director.

As per the Tweet above, Walt Williams will be the Narrative Director for Insomniac’s upcoming Wolverine game. Walt has worked on famous games like Spec Ops: The Line, and Star Wars Battlefront II amongst other high-quality games.

It looks like marvel’s Wolverine development is moving along nicely. It was recently revealed that motion capture work had started on the game. Marvel’s Wolverine was announced during the 2021 PlayStation Showcase but is probably a wee bit away from being released.

In other Insomniac Games news, the PlayStation Studios developer has also promoted two employees to lead animator roles for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. A busy bunch indeed.

Source: Twitter via Reddit