Into The Eternal Reaches Funding Goal, Confirmed for PS4, PS5 Release in 2021

Zelda 2 inspired action-RPG heading to PS4 & PS5 in 2021

Into The Eternal, the spiritual successor to Zelda 2 on the NES has reached its Kickstarter funding goal. The game’s developer Zero Infinite Games has confirmed Into The Eternal will release on PS4 and PS5 later in 2021.

Into The Eternal is an action-RPG inspired by Zelda 2 on the NES. A game which the developers think gets more hate than it deserves. With Into The Eternal Zero Infinite Games’ goal is to keep the features people loved about Zelda 2 and alter the features that people didn’t like so much. For example, puzzles will be more logical and the difficulty will be fairer.

Into The Eternal screenshot

Into The Eternal – Sorcerers, Kingdoms & Curses

If you haven’t read my previous article on Into The Eternal, here’s a brief overview of what the game is all about.

Into The Eternal screenshot - a game inspired by Zelda 2
Into The Eternal by Zero Infinite Games is an action-RPG inspired by Zelda 2

An unknown sorcerer has infiltrated the kingdom of Felsand and cast a terrible curse upon the royal family – their bodies turned to solid stone. High Priest Valadar scrambles to recall all of the palace’s guards from their duties to track down the assailant. Sneaking in among the group of kingsguard is Cavin, courier (a fancy word for “errand boy”) to the princess.

Needing all the help he can get, Valadar allows Cavin to join in the quest. It is believed that “The Eternal” has been opened by the sorcerer, and he procured powerful magic from within its halls. In Felsand, and much of the world, they believe in “Eternity”, a series of books detailing the creation of the world and the origin of its inhabitants.

The Eternal is a legendary palace that has been shut for millions of years – awaiting a warrior capable fo solving the riddles to enter it and retrieve the powerful weapons within. This hero (or villain) would have the power to bend the will of the world.

Into The Eternal screenshot

Many Ways To Become Stronger

There will be many ways to upgrade your character in Into The Eternal. Upgrading makes you strong enough to progress through the game. You’ll be able to travel through a vast overworld seeking out towns, treasures and secrets.

Gathering items and materials will be an important factor in getting your character up to strength. You can fish in any pond, lake or ocean. Pick Fruits. Visit farms to go crops or say hello to the Seedstress who can smash fruits into seeds so you can grow even more.

Into The Eternal screenshot - fire breathing Dragon
Into The Eternal will have fire breathing Dragon’s

Join the Hunters to track down rare and exotic monsters (like the fire breathing Dragon above). You can even hire a pirate captain to take you treasure hunting. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Dungeons With A Metroidvania Feel

An RPG wouldn’t be complete without some awesome dungeons to conquer, and Into The Eternal sounds like it will have some pretty epic dungeons.

One of the main quests in Into The Eternal will be to venture through the Great Dungeons in search of the Eternal Artifacts. Legend says that whoever collects the 9(artifacts) will unlock The Eternal – a legendary palace that has been shut for millions of years.

Into The Eternal’s dungeons will be massive with some of them containing close to 500 rooms. There will also be minibosses to defeat, treasures to find, traps to avoid and puzzles to solve. And a big boss at the end.


Zero Infinite Games says “Some[of the dungeons] are so large that they might even feel like an entirely different game, as you might not breathe fresh air again for quite some time. “

Dungeons will have their own maps, and markers will be automatically placed for unopened doors and chests so you can return tot hem later. These dungeons will have a “major Metroidvania feel” to them says the game developer. There will also be smaller, mini-Metroidvania style dungeons and caves containing puzzles and rewards.

Into The Eternal will feature dungeons with a major Metroidvania feel

Into The Eternal is a “massive game”

Zero Infinite Games has clearly put a lot of work into their Zelda inspired Into The Eternal. So much work that they believe that Into The Eternal will be a massive game with hundreds of hours of gameplay.

The world is so massive in fact that there will be vehicles you can use to travel the world more quickly. You’ll also have the option to create your own fast travel points by collecting teleport runes. These will be handy if you are having trouble defeating a boss. Simply set a teleport rune outside the boss door, travel back to town to resupply and travel back to the boss.

Into The Eternal screenshot - dragon boss

A Game of Two Parts

Into The Eternal is primarily split into two parts. A top-down overworld and the side-scrolling battles. Each successful battle will reward you with valuable treasure and skill points. Some battles will be simple but some will be more complex.

Into The Eternal screenshot - overworld

When visiting towns you will also be in a side-scrolling view but town’s won’t have battles. Instead, you will be able to collect quests from villagers or trade items with them.

Into The Eternal PS4 & PS5 Specs

Into The Eternal will be releasing on PlayStation consoles in 2021. This includes the PS4 and the PS5. Zero Infinite Games has kindly sent over the PS4 and PS5 specs for the game and all PlayStation version of the game will run at a smooth 60fps.

  • PS4: 1080p/60fps
  • PS4 Pro: 1440p/60fps
  • PS5: 4K/60fps

The PS5 version fo Into The Eternal will also feature almost no loading times(less than 1 second on average.) Zero Infinite Games are also utilising the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD to stream the massive overworld in real time. So that they can constantly swap assets in to keep the world detail at a very high level.

Into The Eternal is pencilled in to release in 2021 on PS4 & PS5. Although the funding goal for the game has been reached, you can still visit the games Kickstarter page and back the game to recieve the collectors edition or early access.