Japanese Youtuber’s Video Thumbnail Shows First Real World Look at PS5

PS5 looks pretty good

A select group of Japanese YouTuber’s will be going hands-on with PS5 from Sunday in a Try PlayStation 5 event for YouTube Gaming week. One such lucky YouTuber has already got a premiere in place, and the thumbnail gives us the first proper real-world look at the PS5 console.

The Japanese Youtuber whose channel is called “Red-Haired Friends game live channel!!” (I’m using Google translate so that may not be completely accurate) has a video due to premiere on the 4th of October at 10.00 AM.

The thumbnail from the video shows the PS5 sitting on a desk. Wires can be seen coming from the back of the PS5 and going into a desk cable tidy hole.

Wires coming from the back of a PS5 console

Apart from the PS5 console pictures that were taken during testing in Taiwan, this thumbnail gives us the best look yet of what the PS5 looks like in a real-world setting.

And it looks damn fine.

The real world PS5 looks good

real world look at PS5 PS5 console on desk

UPDATE: Another slightly better photo of the PS5 in real life has been found on another Japanese YouTuber’s video. Source/Credit: Reddit

PS5 in real life

The Japanese YouTuber appears to have the standard disc PS5, as you can just about make out the disc drive on the right-hand side. The official renders we have seen of the console certainly don’t do the design justice.

Judging from the thumbnail, the PS5 actually looks a lot sleeker and slimmer than the renders suggest. Although, it could just be the angle.

According to the translated text of the video description, the YouTuber will be playing Astro’s Playroom. The description does also state that “Comment from Sony Interactive Entertainment Provider: The screen is under development and may differ from the actual specifications.” So that could possibly mean they might show the PS5 UI also.

Red-Haired’s and other Japanese YouTuber’s videos are due to go live in about 40 hours on the 4th of October. You can use the YouTube hashtag #TryPS5 to search for more YouTuber’s who might upload videos of the PS5.

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch on November 19th in the UK and Europe and on November 12th in the USA.