Jetpack Interactive Is Helping Sony With a Live-Service Game of a “Prized IP”

Develoepr who ported God of War to PC is working with Sony on a AAA live-service game based on a Flagship IP

playstation and jetpack interactive logos

Jetpack Interactive, who worked on the God of War (2018) PC Port for Sony is now working on one of Sony’s live-service games. The Canada-based developer is working with Sony to develop one of its flagship IPs into this live-service game, as reported by

The God of War PC port was very well received and it seems that Sony was very impressed and has tasked Jetpack Interactive with creating one of their upcoming live-service games. Sony has previously stated that it wants to release more than 10 live-service games by April 2026.

The live-service game will be Tripple A and a Flagship IP

Jetpack Interactive recently posted to their LinkedIn page that they are hiring to ship a AAA live-service game for Sony.

Jetpack Interactive LinkedInpost AAA live-service game
Jetpack Interactive’s post on LinkedIn

The Canadian developer is hiring more than programmers for this exciting new live-service game. spotted that the Canadian developer is also hiring for a Network Engineer and a Rendering Engineer. In both of these job listings, Jetpack mentions working alongside Sony on a live-service version of a “prized IP.”

We are now working directly with Sony to develop one of its flagship IPs within its much anticipated live services games portfolio. If you’re revved up about being part of a small and skilled SWAT team making some of the finest AAA games out there – we’re pretty sure you’ll like working at Jetpack. 

Come work alongside our team of experienced game developers and take pride in being part of a select team working on a prized IP; We value mutual respect, trust, and shared knowledge built on years of experience and working together.  We’re a team with a true passion for game development.

What this “prized IP” could be is anyone’s guess at this point. Sony does have a pretty large portfolio of IPs to choose from. Like the God of War series, Uncharted series, Ratchet & Clank and many older IPs like SOCOM and Resistance.

We already know that PlayStation Studios and some third-party studios are working on multiplayer/live-service titles. Naughty Dog is working on a multiplayer The Last of Us game (possibly some kind of factions game). And Deviation Games are also working on a “world-class FPS” which will probably be a live-service offering. Haven Studios, who became new members of the PlayStation Studios family recently is also working on a AAA multiplayer game.

There are also rumours of other PlayStation Studios working on possible live-service games alongside other projects. But not much is known about them at this time.

If Sony is indeed planning to launch more than ten live-service games by April 2026. Then it shouldn’t;t be too long before we start hearing some concrete information about some of them.