KAKU: Ancient Seal Is a PS5, PS4 Open-World Adventure With a Pet Pig as a Sidekick

Explore, fight, craft and solve puzzles with your pet pig sidekick

KAKU Ancient Seal key art

Chinese indie developer BINGOBELL has revealed its upcoming open-world action, adventure game KAKU: Ancient Seal.

KAKU: Ancient Seal puts players in the shoes of Kaku, a young, primitive child who is tasked with going on a journey across a sprawling continent. Accompanied by his pet pig, Kaku will have to navigate and brave four elemental regions; Flaming Mountain, Dragon Bone Desert, Misty Swamp, and Windy Snow Field. Kaku will have to conquer the Lords of these four regions to fulfil his destiny.

Check out the official World Premier trailer for KAKU: Ancient Seal below.

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KAKU: Ancient Seal sounds like it will be pretty in-depth with plenty of different mechanics on offer. As Kaku navigates their way across the mysterious continent, they will encounter strange creatures, ancient ruins and unique tribes. There will be plenty of combat too by the sound of it as well as crafting and a good dose of puzzle solving.

Kaku will also have to find food on his journey as his pet pig is not for eating according to the game’s press release.

Unearthing the mysteries of the ancient ruins will take guts, wits and skill. But you will be able to craft weapons. Wooden, stone and metal swords, as well as shields and slingshots, will be your arsenal. There will also be other forms of ranged weapons. Kaku will also be able to collect multiple different outfits and will acquire different abilities by defeating bosses and completing quests.

A Sense of Mystery and Adventure

“With KAKU: Ancient Seal we wanted to create a sense of mystery and adventure, where you can forge your own path to victory,” said Brian Wang, Producer at BINGOBELL. “We offer players little guidance, as we find it more rewarding to experiment and find what works for you. It’s that feeling of freedom and adventure, peppered with small goals all throughout, that we can’t get enough of, and we’re very proud of the strange, varied world we’ve come up with.”

KAKU: Ancient Seal is scheduled to release next year on PS5 and PS4. You can follow the game on Twitter for updates.