Maneater Guide: All Grotto Locations

All Grotto locations in Maneater

Grotto’s in Maneater serve as your home base. They can be used as fast travel points and the place where you can equip and change out your various evolutions. There are eight Grotto’s in Maneater, one for each region.

Maneater Grotto Locations

The Grotto’s in Maneater are not too difficult to find. Once you complete a certain number of quests in a region, the grotto for the next region will be marked on your map. However, even though they are marked and you can set a waypoint, some of the Grotto entrances can be tucked away and a wee bit difficult to find.

When looking for a Grotto entrance the most important thing to look for is a black and orange cable.  These black and orange cables will glow and will be lit up like a fibre optic cable. This cable will always lead to the entrance of the Grotto.

Once you have found and unlocked a Grotto it will be displayed on your map as a cave icon.
Maneater map grotto icon


Fawtick Bayou Grotto Location

The Fawticj Bayou Grotto is located in the south-east of the region.

Dead Horse Lake Grotto Location

The Dead Horse Lake Grotto is situated in the centre of the region.

Golden Shores Grotto Location

The Golden Shores Grotto is located in the south-east of the region.

Sapphire Bay Grotto Location

The Sapphire Bay Grotto is located in the middle of the region, just slightly to the west.

Caviar Key Grotto Location

The Caviar Key Grotto is situated in the north of the region.

Prosperity Sands Grotto Location

Prosperity Sands Grotto is located just north of the centre of the region.

The Gulf Grotto Location

The Gulf Grotto is located in the north-central part of the region. It is very near the southern border with Caviar Key.

Crawfish Bay Grotto Location

Crawfish Bay Grotto is located on the east side of the region.

And that is all the Grotto locations in Maneater. If you are ever stuck trying to find a Grotto entrance, just remember to look for the black and orange cable and follow it to the entrance.