Maneater Guide: How to Open the Gates Between Regions

It’s all in the tailwhip

Maneater guide how to open the gates

As you are swimming around the gorgeous regions of Maneater looking for quests or trying to find some Nutrient Caches, you may have come across massive gates that separate some of the regions.

These gates can be opened and opening the gates count towards your region progress. So if you are going for a 100% completion in Maneater for the Platinum trophy, you need to open these gates.

Turn out the gates in Maneater are fairly easy to get open unless you are me of course and spent about 30 minutes trying to get them to open. I was trying to jump up and bite the control box. I landed next to the control box and was trying to tailwhip it. But all to no avail.

Then It struck me, like an Orca Whale. I can maybe tailwhip something to hit the control box.

And that is exactly what you need to do to open the gates. Tailwhip something at the aforementioned control box. In the screenshot above you will see the control box has a red light on it. You need to grab something in your massive Shark mouth, swim towards the gate and tailwhip whatever poor creature you have in your jaws towards the control box.

You will notice an icon with four arrows will appear over the control box light when you are correctly positioned to hit it. Then just tap L1 to tailwhip that poor little fishy (or human) towards the control box.

And voila, the gate will open.

Opening the gates might be one of the last few things you do in Maneater if you are going for the platinum. By this time you will be at Mega growth and have a lot of powerful Evolutions equipped.

You will have to grab an aquatic creature or human of a high level, level 5 or above should be ok, and preferably have the Bone Teeth evolution equipped. Otherwise the fish or human in your jaws might die before you get to the gate.

Maneater gate locations

There are 3 gates in Maneater.

  1. Between Caviar Key and Fawtick Bayou
  2. Between Caviar Key and Dead Horse Lake
  3. Between Prosperity Sands and Golden Shores

The Screenshots below show each gate’s location on the map.

And that is pretty much all you have to do to get the gates in Maneater open. Grab an unsuspecting fish or human and tailwhip that sucker at the gate control box.