Maneater Is Coming to PS5 With FREE Upgrade for PS4 Owners

4K 60FPS and DualSense support

Maneater is coming to PS5, with DualSense support and free upgrade for PS4 owners

Maneater is definitely one of this years sleeper hits. A game about a shark seeking revenge, open-world RPG with fun gameplay, it ticks all the right boxes. Now, developer Tripwire Interactive has announced that Maneater is coming to PS5.

If you haven’t played Maneater, it’s an RPG where you play as a man-eating Shark and have to devour your way through various underwater creatures and humans in order to complete quests.

The game’s combat is very enjoyable and playing as a shark is seriously fun. When I reviewed it back in June I gave it a score of 9 out of 10.

If you’re planning on getting a PS5 at launch and never played Maneater on PS4, then there’s good news. The developers have announced that Maneater will be swimming it’s way onto PS5, just in time for the console’s launch.

Maneater swims onto PS5

Maneater is coming to PS5 with DualSense support

Maneater on PS5 will feature 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second, to make gliding through the waters of the Gulf Coast silky smooth.

The PS5 version will also have DualSense controller support. The PS4 version already has pretty good feedback with the DualShock. Whether you’re being attacked by a giant Whale or sinking your jaws into a Hammerhead. Maneater with DualSense support is going to be insane.

Best of all is that Maneater’s PS5 version will be available as a free upgrade if you own the PS4 version. All you should have to do is pop your PS4 disc into your PS5 then download the next-gen version.

Maneater is out now for PlayStation 4.