Lock Your Jaws Onto This FREE Maneater Tiger Shark Adaption

Become the garbage can of the sea

Maneater Tiger Shark adaption

Maneater, the Shark-Tastic game where you play as a shark and have to complete tasks to grow and evolve is undoubtedly one fo this year’s hidden gems. When I reviewed it back in June, I gave it a very tasty 9 out of 10.

The game has seen quite a bit of success and has seen popularity among gamers, Twitch Streamers and YouTubers.

Now, to celebrate Shark Week, developer Tripwire Interactive is giving away an awesome looking Maneater Tiger Shark Adaption to new and existing players.

The Tiger Shark Evolution does more than make your Shakr look fancy. It also gives your Shark extra nutrients when consuming fish and other prey swimming in the waters.

Maneater Tiger Shark

How to get the Maneater Tiger Shark Adaption

To get this cool-looking new adaptation for Maneater. Head over to the PlayStation Store and download it to your PS4. Then, when you are in the game, just head to the nearest Grotto and select the Tiger Shark Skin Adaption under Body Evolutions.

Now you can go and hunt down some unlucky water-dwelling creatures or chomp on some unsuspecting humans roaming the beaches. All while dressed in your new stripey Tiger Shark outfit.